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An old or an incorrectly repaired central air conditioner can actually cost you more in electric or gas bills than just patching up a problem. There are a number of variants that can contribute to costly electric bills including: when you are trying to cool your home, how cool you are trying to keep your home, and how efficiently your central air conditioner is working. Central air conditioners that are older do not have the new technology available to affordably and comfortably cool your home.

You may find your old central air conditioner is no longer efficient. Consider replacing your air conditioner with an energy-efficient model. They’re usually more expensive but thanks to federal tax credits and competitive prices, the prices are falling, and because they use less energy, you save in the long run, too.

Look into all the solutions, because your central air conditioner is one of the most important components of your home. That’s why it pays to take a few extra minutes to properly analyze your needs. Let us help you find the solution that is right for you.

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Many HVAC companies will give you an estimate to replace your current central air conditioner, like for like. We call these companies “box changers” because they do not take the time or may not even be trained to properly fit the best central air conditioner for your home and budget. Over 80% of Raleigh homes have improperly-sized HVAC systems! If you install a central air conditioner that is too large, it will cycle on and off — reducing the efficiency of the system.  

Replacing your central air conditioner properly will make your home more energy efficient, which means you stay comfortable for less money. 

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